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We all have 3 restrictions in life – Time, Space & Money.  The idea of scrapbooking can seem overwhelming if we don’t have an unlimited supply of those 3 things, but it doesn’t have to be!  At Ella Bonella we focus on what’s IMPORTANT in scrapbooking & provide you with regular INSPIRATION on how to use your supplies, constantly showing you new ideas & techniques to enable you to create AMAZING PAGES without having to resort to Scrapbook Snobbery.  By that we mean jumping on the ”I must have all the new things” bandwagon.  Scrapbooking has nothing to do with constantly keeping up with the latest supplies on the market.  Believe me, I know.  I did that for 10 years & by the end of it I was exhausted & miserable, not to mention a lot poorer! 

Scrapbooking is about recording your memories in a rewarding & creative way.  Both the process & the outcome should be immeasurably enjoyable.  That’s why Scrapbooking is so fantastic for your mental health!  It’s cheaper than therapy & far more fun!!  Your descendants, who you leave your albums to, won’t have a clue whether you used the latest must-have collections or you didn’t.  It’s all just silly nonsense!  Find your way back to scrapbooking love with us by joining our Facebook Group HERE & following our Instagram feed HERE.  We show up at both those places day in & day out, because we love to INSPIRE YOU & show you how to use our products.  

Once you remove the expectation & burden of ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ you”ll feel FREE to ENJOY scrapbooking – your own way & in your own time.  You don’t need endless hours & you don’t need an entire room dedicated to hoarding.  All you need are some realistic creative goals & some product that YOU love – that serves YOU & YOUR PURPOSES.  When it comes to carving out time to create we’ve got you covered too!  Not only do we provide you with TONS of weekly inspiration but we also provide you with regular online events where we create right alongside you & are with you every step of the way.  You can find out all about those by checking out our EVENTS section of our website HERE.  

We hold 6 Online Crops per year, which help you create 60 pages per year – over 6 weekends.  That’s it!  I think we can all spare 6 weekends a year for something we love don’t you?  That really is a positive outcome & if you achieve nothing more than that you can give yourself a big pat on the back for getting 60 pages done.  For an average family with 2 children that’s 15 layouts per person per year, which is certainly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  Of course you can aim for more – the sky is the limit – but at least, with our crops in hand, you can rest assured that, if nothing else, you’ll be able to fill up 3 new scrapbooking albums & show them off!

We have you covered there too.  So many stores don’t supply these regularly & that’s because they’re a nightmare to find at a fair price.  Importing albums is a whole other business in itself but we do it brilliantly & we’ve overcome all the hurdles associated with getting them here in one piece & getting them to you seamlessly.  They arrive in a beautiful, white, custom-made box that should double-up as a great storage box for your scrapbooking supplies too.  We stock them at the best price available & we are almost never without them.  You can find them everywhere else but save yourself the hassle of clicking only to be told they’re OUT OF STOCK – there’s nothing more disheartening than the disappointment that comes from that!

When you’re worried about your pages not being good enough, remember they haven’t been commissioned to hang in the Louvre!  People looking through your albums see them in their entirety, not as individual works of art, & with our guidance you’ll be equipped to be able to create wonderful pages full of fun techniques & cute supplies.  Who needs more than that?!  Remember to sign up to our newsletters by registering as a customer during the order process.  That way you’ll always be informed about new stock arrivals & upcoming events.  We don’t bombard your inbox by any means, we just tell you what you need to know when we have something worthwhile to share!

We also sell tools because we know what you need to use & we want you to be able to get hold of the basics quickly & easily, all in one place.  We work on our store 24/7 (honestly – we really do – apart from sleep of course & some playtime now & then!) because we are passionate about what we do & the way we are doing it.  We are constantly trying to improve our store stock & layout & we welcome your input, so feel free to email us at if you have any great ideas!  We can’t promise to implement them all but we’ll certainly take all your recommendations on board.  We’ve spent a LOT of time online shopping for scrapbooking supplies (all in the past now Thank Goodness, phew!) so we’ve tried to create a space you’ll love to visit.