Our Story

We are a Somerset based partnership with decades of experience running our own businesses in Africa & a long & successful involvement in the scrapbooking industry.  We’ve lived in England for 3 years now & our desire is to work hard, earn an honest living & lead a simple life working together, doing what we love, as well as contributing positively to the longevity & evolution of the art of scrapbooking.

I’ve been teaching scrapbooking workshops for years as well as serving on dozens of international design teams, including American & Australian manufacturers such as Prima Marketing & Lindy’s Stamp Gang.  I began blogging my scrapbooking adventures in 2008 & founded my international scrapbooking challenge site, Scrap Around The World in 2013, which I ran until 2016, the time of our relocation.  I’ve had my work published in Scrapbooking Memories (Australia), Creating Keepsakes (America) & Scrap 365 here in the UK.

Having honed my scrapbooking skills over many years I began specialising in Mixed Media for a number of years before taking some time out after many years of DT deadlines & related administrative responsibilities.  Not wanting to give up my involvement in scrapbooking but unable to devote the same amount of time, space & money to my craft, I decided to realise my ambition of owning an online scrapbooking store, but with a 180 degree shift in approach & style! 

Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun & it’s much more so if it doesn’t take hours to create each layout – somehow I lost sight of that along my journey & I know I’m not the only one.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to become an expert & you'll need to be one if you have industry ambitions - just remember that your pages are ultimately for you & your loved ones to enjoy - not to hang in the Louvre!  I’ll be blogging regularly (right here on the site) with tips & tricks on how to scrap speedily but therapeutically & how to find your own personal style in order to limit your purchases to what sparks joy for you & fits into your designated space. 

We'll also be bringing you free, regular inspiration from a bunch of different guest designers so you'll know how to get the most out of everything you buy here at Ella Bonella!  Scrapbooking can be expensive & there aren't many ways around that - it's like buying make up or doing DIY! - the better it works the more it costs!   Alot of the cute, contemporary product that is sought after comes from all over the world so getting it here takes time & money. We aim to offer fair prices on current trends as well as hunting down great deals on the ‘not so new’ but still adorable!  

We have been trading on Facebook for a year, under the name of First Dibs Scrapbooking Supplies UK & later Ella Bonella Scrapbooking Supplies UK.  We have big plans for our fledgling business.  We hope you enjoy our top class website & feel free to use the services of our web designer, Nomis Parfitt, he's an absolute gem!  We've carefully curated our offering to provide everything you need without giving you decision fatigue.  We're all about Scrapbooking & nothing else so no more spending hours trawling through weird sites offering things you aren't interested in.