FREE U.K. DELIVERY OVER £70 – NEED HELP? PH 0141 6440490


FREE U.K. DELIVERY OVER £70 – NEED HELP? PH 0141 6440490



*ends midnight Sunday 11th April 2021

Our Handcrafted British D-Ring Albums are individually created in small workshops, exclusively for Ella Bonella. Using Victorian techniques passed down through generations, when you buy an Ella Bonella album you are not buying a mass-produced factory item pressed out in the thousands, you are buying a piece of history & supporting small local businesses.

The product you are buying is far superior to anything a large production plant could make & uses very high quality raw materials that are all acid & lignen free & archival quality. On top of that our albums are 20% wider than similar American albums, meaning they hold 20% more layouts! Our label holders are attached horizontally, negating the need to adhere your labels, meaning you can swap them out at any time & read them without tilting your head sideways!

These robust albums are made of high quality buckram which is splash-proof & wipeable. Look after your album by storing it vertically with nothing on top of it, keeping it out of direct sunlight, away from direct heat & damp conditions & it should last you very well indeed. Our albums have 3 ring mechanisms so fit most standard 12″ D-Ring page protectors. We sell those too – the highest quality ones in the world from We R Memory Keepers in the USA – they’re ultra thick & ultra clear, far better than any other page plastic sleeves on the market.

Support local, create jobs, protect age old skills & reduce your carbon footprint by buying your albums from us & not only will you have a beautiful home to house your layouts but you’ll also be able to build your collection of albums in the colour/s of your choice & be able to pre-order whenever you like by emailing us at – before you know it you’ll have your albums as we send to you as soon as we receive them!

FINALLY you can buy your scrapbooking albums in the colours you WANT & not be forced into settling for whatever is available at the time! You can match your home decor/colour scheme & keep building your collection for as long as your colour choice is available. We will only retire colours if the buckram supplier retires the colour themselves. Pre-order yours now from our extensive range & start showing off your new Ella Bonella albums!

METALLIC ALBUMS (just a tiny bit twinkly – nothing garish!)

1) Whitechapel – Metallic White – Perfect for Wedding, Engagement & Christmas layouts or simply to match your colour scheme.

2) Yorkshire – Metallic Lavender – pale but very pretty

3) Sheffield – Metallic Steel – a very classy dark grey.

4) Bournemouth – Metallic White Gold – The colour of Champagne.

5) Newcastle – Metallic Copper – Oh so modern!

6) Aberdeen – Metallic Black – Perfect for men, formal occasions & sophisticated colour schemes.

MATTE ALBUMS (rich, solid colour – bold & beautiful)

7) London – Matte Red – Striking & perfect for making a statement or just looking happy on your shelf!

8) Sherwood – An Autumnal shade of matte terracotta

9) Devon – Matte Yellow – A beautiful, pale, Primrose.

10) Norwich – A strong sharp matte mustard.

11) Surrey – A soft & chalky pale matte green.

12) Somerset – The perfect shade of matte fresh green.

13) Edinburgh – A mossy matte bottle green.

14) Waterloo – A stunning deep matte teal.

15) Skye – A delightful matte duck-egg blue.

16) Cornwall – A lovely chalky pale matte blue.

17) Brighton – A jolly shade of nautical matte blue.

18) Oxford – A modern matte Navy blue.

19) Cheltenham – A rich royal matte purple

20) Leicester – A modern matte mid-grey.

21) Manchester – A rich, matte deep brown.

22) Cambridge – A deep matte maroon.