FREE U.K. DELIVERY OVER £70 – NEED HELP? PH 0141 6440490


FREE U.K. DELIVERY OVER £70 – NEED HELP? PH 0141 6440490


We have new albums in stock!  Waterloo & Skye – our most popular Blues!  

NEW WORKALONG KITS ARE HERE! SUNKISSED by COCOA VANILLA STUDIO in Australia. MEGA KITS ARE SOLD OUT! We still have Embellishment Kits, Mini Kits & Great Deal Kits for sale. Grab yours now then join our Facebook GROUP for weekly inspiration on HOW TO USE YOUR KITS!

These launched in 2020 & we plan on offering new kits regularly so that you’ll always find fresh & exciting kits at Ella Bonella. Due to Brexit, Covid & all the economic & situational disadvantages we’re experiencing at the minute we can’t guarantee when the next kits will be ready but we have orders on the way so keep a look out by joining our Facebook GROUP & following our Facebook PAGE & our Instagram!

WHY BUY A WORKALONG KIT AND/OR ADD-ON? There aren’t many “real life” scrapbooking stores in the UK anymore, for good reason. Rents are high & scrapbooking & papercrafting is a niche industry. Buying products online can be VERY DIFFICULT! Trying to co-ordinate your purchases from behind a computer screen is not for the faint hearted. Even if you succeed sometimes you look at what you bought when it arrives & think, LOVE!! But what now?!?

This is why we created WORKALONG KITS! We have a team of designers creating regularly with these kits & sharing their work in our Facebook Group, our Instagram & our Facebook Page. Our Facebook group has a WORKALONG ALBUM where you can find the sample layouts all in one place, so you have inspiration on how to use your supplies! We take the hard work out of scrapbook shopping by co-ordinating great supplies from around the world!

HOW CAN I TRUST THAT THE KITS WILL BE AWESOME? Rest assured that we know what we are doing – we’ve been doing it for years!! We are highly experienced at co-ordinating supplies, having worked in fashion merchandising for decades & training in design! We’ve been scrapbooking for DECADES & buying supplies online for just as long. We’ve been in business for 30 years in Zimbabwe & South Africa & in business in the UK since 2017.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO FIND IN A WORKALONG KIT? A selection of product to create scrapbooking layouts, journal pages & any other type of papercrafting project you can think of! Patterned papers, cardstock sheets, alphabet or phrase stickers & embellishment packs, all selected to work beautifully together. You’ll be able to create several projects, have lots of fun & have all sorts of bits left over to make your own cards, gift tags & embellishments.

WHAT ARE ADD-ONS? These are extra supplies to stretch your kit & make it go further. They help you get more of the products you like the most, be that patterned papers, plain cardstock sheets or a larger embellishment selection. They’re always different, depending on what is available from our suppliers & what works well together. With a main kit & add-ons on offer it means you can spend as little or as much as you like & get exactly what you need!

HOW SHOULD I USE MY WORKALONG KIT? That’s entirely up to you! If you’re short of ideas join our Facebook Group where you will have access to our Workalong Album, where you can save & download our designer’s sample project photos to use for inspiration. We share everything our designers create on our Facebook Page & our Instagram Account too! Feel free to tag them in our Facebook group with any kit related questions you may have.

HOW DO I MAKE SURE I GET THE NEXT WORKALONG KIT? We import all the products for our kits from different suppliers around the world. Once in the UK we put together each kit using the mix of pre-planned products. With the pandemic & the postal delays we can’t give any assurances as to when the next kits will arrive as we are not given any assurances ourselves at the moment. If you want to ensure you receive a kit the safest way is to pre-order.

WHAT DOES THE PRE-ORDER PROCESS INVOLVE? Select the ‘Deposit for next Workalong Kit’ option. This will ensure that as soon as our products arrive & we make up the next kits you will be emailed to pay the balance due plus the postage so we can get your kit out to you asap. As our freight & duty charges vary with each order it’s not possible for us to come up with completely accurate prices for kits before they arrive but kits are always under £30.

WHAT IF I WANT ADD-ONS? Don’t worry! Anyone who prepays for our next Workalong Kit always gets first dibs on the add-ons! When we email you for the balance of your payment we’ll send you a clickable link to where you can view the add-ons before they go live for everyone else, so you’ll get first choice! You can buy all the add-ons, some of them or none of them – it’s your choice.

CAN I GET A REFUND IF I DON’T WANT THE KIT WHEN IT ARRIVES? Unfortunately not. By paying a deposit you are committing to paying the balance due, plus postage, for our next Workalong Kit once it is ready. We do our best to bring you exciting product that we hope you’ll love! You are not tied into a future subscription. Once we receive enough deposits to sell out the kit in advance we remove the deposit button to ensure we don’t oversell.

It’s possible, but it would cost you a fortune! Importing retail goods means very expensive postal charges plus paying duties & VAT when they arrive. Supporting overseas companies = supporting a foreign economy, which is not the most intelligent thing to do. Supporting local businesses = building a better economy in the country you live in – far more beneficial in the long run!

WHY SHOULD I BUY FROM YOU? – We offer tried & tested products from reputable manufacturers. We have accounts with THE BEST suppliers in the world. We believe wholeheartedly in scrapbooking, journaling & the art of papercrafting. We want to see it grow & flourish in the United Kingdom. We are a small, family business that offers great customer service & has huge ambitions. Be a part of something exciting & help us grow!